Katsu Kikuchi's Stationary Appreciation Exhibition
"Butterfly in Love"

June 16, 2019 (Sunday) — June 26, 2019 (Wednesday)
Opening hours: 11am–6pm (we will be open from 1pm on June 16)

For Haku marunouchi's first planned exhibition, we present Katsu Kikuchi's "Butterfly in Love,” an exhibition of works made in appreciation of stationary.

Butterflies flitting about on the riverside of Nihonbashi. In addition to works inspired by Komura Settai’s design, we will introduce charming stationary goods and drinking vessels. We will also feature Japanese washi paper from Tango, brushes from Kyoto, and ink from Nara, all carefully selected by Haku.

The artist will be in house June 16 (Sunday), June 17 (Monday), and June 18 (Tuesday).

We welcome tea master Ichiko Horiguchi on June 16 from 1–5pm for “Hyaku no hi." From 5pm, we will hold a small reception for Katsu Kikuchi. All are welcome to attend.

午前11時-午後6時 会期中無休(6月16日は午後1時より営業いたします)

このたび、白 marunouchiでははじめての企画展、菊池克文具清玩展「戀す蝶」を開催します。

作家在廊日 6月16日(日)・17日(月)・18日(火)

◇ 6月16日(日)午後1時-5時は茶人の堀口一子さんをお迎えして百の日を開催します。